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To access the e-learning elements of the RCGP Drugs Part 1 and RCGP Alcohol training programmes, please book your face-to-face/virtual course via our main website here. The e-learning modules are free to access for those taking part in the RCGP Drugs Part 1 and RCGP Alcohol courses and you can come back to re-complete them at any time within a 12-month period to continue your learning.

If you would like to complete these modules on their own without attending a full training course, you can do so by purchasing them hereIf you then wish to book on to a full training course in the future, the cost of the e-learning modules will be deducted. You will have access to these for 12 months.

If you have already booked on to a training course or purchased your e-learning modules separately, it may take up to 3 days for your account details to be sent to you via email. Please also check your junk folder.

If you are having issues logging in, please ensure you try the following:

  • Unfortunately, our platform is not supported by Internet Explorer. To ensure you are able to access the platform, please use a different internet browser.
  • The ‘log in’ page does not support email addresses with capital letters, please enter your email is in lower case.
  • The ‘log in’ page does not support copy and paste, please type your username (email address) and password into the appropriate spaces.
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If you are still having issues please contact so we can resolve the problem.